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Expat Mortgages

Helping UK Expats maximise their borrowings

Whether you plan to return from abroad, are simply looking to invest in the UK property market, or looking to buy a property for your child to attend university in the UK, you can take advantage of a range of expat mortgage options available in the market.

The fact remains that attempting to secure a mortgage while living abroad can be challenging, especially when you take into account the additional security checks, complicated paper work and limited lenders willing to consider your case. This is where a specialist expat mortgage broker can help.

It can be difficult to arrange and attend (virtual) meetings with lenders or even seek the best mortgage options for your circumstance while abroad. We take away the stress and hassle that comes with securing an expat mortgage. We act on your behalf, looking for the best finance solutions for your circumstances. We can also help you remortgage your residential property if you’d like to rent it out while you’re abroad.

Our Lender Access

Our extensive network of industry contacts include a number of expat mortgage providers who can assist UK Expats in purchasing property. We know which lenders would be best suited to your unique circumstances ensuring no time is wasted in the process.

In addition, our brokers understand the nuances of expat mortgages including the complicated tax structural and complexities of foreign currency earnings. They have the skills, knowledge, and lender relationships to turn your property aspirations into a reality.