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Mortgages for Business Owners

Save Time. Save Money.

In order to secure a mortgage as a business owner, you must know how to present your financial situation to the lender as well as know which lender would be more accommodating to the unique circumstances faces by business owners.

The ‘Tick the box’ approach can make it difficult to satisfy providers that you can afford a mortgage. Perhaps you have multiple but sporadic income streams such as dividends or you have retained profits for tax efficiency, or maybe your company does not have a long history of trading – whatever the situation, we can assist.

We have helped many business owners find the right funding solutions for their mortgage requirements – we know which lenders are most likely to offer terms so you won’t waste your time applying to those who won’t take your circumstances into account.

Our bespoke offering and individual approach means we take time to truly understand your circumstances and needs before recommending the appropriate option.

Our Clients

We recognise that business owners and self-employed clients do not tick the conventional boxes for automated credit scoring which can make securing a mortgage particularly challenging.

Our extensive network of contacts and experience have helped many self employed clients secure a mortgage even if their situation is particularly unique. For example, if you’re a company owner who doesn’t take large dividends, or if your company has retained profits year on year, we can help!

Irrespective of your unique situation, we have the skills, experience and expertise to help business owners secure a mortgage at a competitive rate.


Our Lender Access

We have an established network of more than 200 finance providers including well-known High Street names, private investors, challenger banks, boutique lenders and specialist private banks – all of whom have an appetite for larger and more complex mortgages.

Our High Net worth clients are often engaged in unique and interesting transactions and we thrive in challenging situations, often finding solutions where others can’t.