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Overseas Mortgages

Securing a mortgage for non-residents or foreign nationals can be challenging but not impossible. If you are one of the many foreign nationals who call the UK ‘Home’, you can benefit from our bespoke non-resident mortgage financial solutions.

Whether you are looking to live in the property full time, use it as a holiday home or for your children to study at university, we can help secure the most competitive non-residentmortgage solutions for your financial situation.

Our Lender Access

Lenders are likely to conduct more rigorous checks if you are a foreign national. However, with the right lender access these are challenges which can be easily overcome.

Nationals from some countries face more obstacles than others in trying to prove assets and income and this is where our experience, skills and network can be most useful.

Our network of over 200 lenders across high street banks, private banks and niche lenders, allow us to secure funding solutions irrespective of your nationality.